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hi, I'm Sam.

I'm fascinated by the nature of the world and what it means for how we should act within in it. This is my digital home where I share what I'm up to.


Navigating Uncertainty (coming soon)

A science-based fieldguide for entrepreneurs and creators for acting in a dynamic and unknowable world. Explore the science behind the buzzwords.


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the movement

Global Citizens United (coming soon)

A movement to explore and develop a model that works for the planet and all who call it home. Join us as we write the next chapter of the Human story, together.


About me

I'm a generalist with a fascination for how the world works and what our place in it should be. Growing up in Asia surrounded by people of various cultures while connected to the internet cemented my identity as a citizen of the world, which shapes the action I take each day.

I'm currently studying honours in philosophy at the University of Queensland, exploring how complexiy science can contribute to questions in moral and political philosophy.

I work at the freelancing platform freelancer, helping shape the product and customer experience.

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Random musings


Explorations of our place in the world and how we should navigate it.


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