Hi, I'm Sam H Barton 



This is where I post and share everything that I'm up to and interested in at the moment. 

What I'm about in a sentence:

I'm fascinated by the nature of the world and what it means for how we should act within in.

Here's how this takes shape in my life: 

Podcast, Videos & Events 

I host the Talk of Today podcast where I interview experts about developments in the world and what they could mean for the future. 

Philosophy and Complexity Science

I'm currently studying philosophy and complexity science at the University of Sydney. We're at a unique point in time of history, perhaps the history of life itself. We possess technological prowess that borders on the godlike, but our wisdom is lacking.


I'm studying philosophy and complexity science so that I'm better equipped to understand and engage with some of the most important discussions of our time.

Writing on Global Citizenship: 
We face challenges today that transcend national borders. The institutions and incentives we have in place are ill-equipped to deal with these challenges.
I believe a part of the solution to these problems is the creation of a digital global citizenship -- citizenship for all. This digital country could be used to advocate for global interests and act as a vehicle to deliver access to basic needs and rights around the world. 

More details to come. Read here for an idea of what I'm getting at.

Collaborations: If you're an artist, musician, videographer, podcaster, or any type of creator, reach out! I'm looking to collaborate. 

Quick bio

Born: Brisbane, Australia

Live: Sydney, Australia. 

Lived in Asia for 19 years (Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka)

Dream job: Earth Ambassador 

I view myself as a citizen of the world and wish to help make it a reality. 

I'm a student of philosophy and complexity science at the University of Sydney. 

I host the Talk of Today podcast.


I have a bachelors of Business Management and a Graduate Diploma in Philosophy from the University of Queensland.  

I worked in IT consulting for 3 years.