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Hey there, I'm Sam

I'm interested in what the next chapter of our species looks like and how we can make it as good as it can be. This is starting to take two separate but inextricably connected forms.

The first is through thinking practically about how we can transcend the existing inter-national system and develop a new model that works for the planet and all who call it home. And, importantly, do so in a way that minimises minimise chaos and disorder. Think regenerative evolution instead of destructive revolution.

The second, in loose collaboration with others scattered across the internet, is beginning to identify, map out, and articulate the values, ideals, philosophies, perspectives, stories — in a sense, ways of seeing and being individually and collectively — that will animate and guide our emerging global society, providing moral foundations that are entirely consistent with the best science we have to date. In many ways it's the reconciliation of Science and Religion.

Now I know that sounds like a lot to unpack. More info to come. Follow me on Twitter for updates.

LifeTab App — Productivity Dashboard / Life Planner
LifeTab turns your new tab page into your own personal productivity dashboard, built based on some principles of behavioural science to help you get distracted less and do the things you want to do. Get your todo list, habit tracker, focus timer, journal, notes, — even ChatGPT, — accessible at the press of ctrl/cmd+t. Currently in closed beta. LifeTab not a startup but side-project/lifestyle business/hobby.

Talk of Today Podcast
A podcast where I interview explore developments in the world and what they could mean for the future with incredibly interesting people. Currently on a hiatus.

I'm a generalist who has worked in tech/startups for the past 10 years or so, mostly focusing on a combination of product, strategy, and marketing, while building out the processes to support these activities in Notion. Get in touch if you'd like to work together (see contact details below).

Get in touch
I’m most active on Twitter as @samhbarton. Reach out to me there or shoot me email at sam (at) talkoftoday.com