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About me


I'm generalist based in Sydney, Australia.

I was born in Australia but spent 19 years growing up in Asia, 11 of which were in Malaysia. I went to an international school. That, combined with growing up connected to the internet, shaped my identity as a global citizen.

I started the Talk of Today podcast after a realisation that having stimulating conversations is my favourite thing to do.

I'm now work as a freelance consultant, helping companies with product management and content marketing.

I have a background in philosophy, interested in global justice and how complexity science can contribute to questions in moral and political philosophy.

My Interests

- Global systems change / avoiding societal collapse

- Complexity science & economics

- Crypto

- Effective altrusim

- Philosophy in general

- Tech, startups, and the future

- Information & order

- Creating a world where all of life can thrive

- Deep house music

- Scouting fascintating ideas


- A bit of Dota2 here and there


Shoot me an email at sam( at ) talkoftoday.com if you want to say hello, or connect with me on twitter.


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