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Chaos, Order, and Emergent System Design with Matthew Pirkowski

Show Notes

Matthew Pirkowski (@MattPirkoswki) is one of Twitter's most incisive thinkers, offering penetrating insights in things ranging from representations of value, the many problems of social media platforms and how we interact with them, the evolution of society, and designing emergent systems. In our conversation we cover:

- The substance underlying Jordan Peterson's main body of work and its implications for ethics.

- The role money plays in scaling social groups

- Specialisation as epistemic speciation

- Social media and our incoherent information environments

- Emergent system design


Matthew's Twitter

Matthew's YouTube Channel

Crypto Beyond Capitalism: The Rise of Distributed Valerism

Matthew's Interview with Jordan Peterson

Book: The Origin of Wealth

Book: The Origins of Order

Book: Surfaces and Essences


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