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Decentralised Organisations with Richard Bartlett

Show Notes

In this episode of Talk of Today we're joined by Richard Bartlett. Richard is an expert in bringing people together and catalysing decentralised forms of organising. He's co founder of Loomio, a digital tool to help groups numbering just a few people to several hundred to make better decisions together. He's also co founder of The Hum, which is something like a management consultancy for non-hierarchical organisation. He's a director and member of Enspiral - a network of people supporting each other to grow up and to get paid for doing meaningful work.

He's currently working on a project called Microsolidarity that's focused on building and sharing a collection of methodologies for community building, answering the questions of How can we build small scale, high trust, mutually developmental groups.

I'm a huge fan of Richards work and the joy he seems to exhibit in living and interacting with people. I first came across his work on Twitter— I highly recommend following him.

I'm excited to share this conversation with you all. Our ability to tackle the grand global challenges we face ahead is dependent upon us, all of us, coming together in the places we call home, and taking action.



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Decentralised Organisations with Richard Bartlett

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