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Democracy Earth, Proof of Humanity ID, & Universal Basic Income with Herb Stephens

Show Notes

Herb is co-founder and treasurer of the Democracy Earth foundation, a non-profit building a blockchain-based open source "liquid democracy" governance platform, with the aim of bringing blockchain-based tools for democracy to the world at large, as well as executive Director of the Independent National Union, a new organisation with the aim of strengthening political power independent from the two-party system to enable the Independent governing of American cities, states and nation.

He's a serial software entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, having built and sold multiple companies mostly building systems where power purposefully shifts to the user through technology. When he learned of blockchain technology in 2012, considering it to be "the best invention since the Internet itself", Herb dedicated the rest of his career to social entrepreneurship.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • Sovereign identity and proof of humanity ID
  • Quadratic voting
  • Currency, nation-states, and the blockchain revolution we will see
  • How the Universal Basic Income token works, what the philosophy behind it is, and what the plans for it are
  • What's wrong with politics in the US at the moment



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