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Happiness and Society with Kostadin Kushlev

Show Notes

What makes us happy? What affects do the decisions we make have on our subjective well-being?

How does money, or parenthood affect our happiness? What are societies like when the people in them are happier?  What affects do new technologies like smartphones, and constant connectivity,  have on how happy we think we are?

If happiness, subjective well-being, or flourishing is important (which i'm sure we'd all agree it is), answering these questions has profound consequences for how choose to organise our societies.

Today we're talking to Kostadin Kushlev, an assistant professor in psychology at Georgetown University where he leads the The Digital Health and Happiness Lab, exploring questions of how digital technologies affect health and well-being.

The general themes covered in the podcast are:

  • Happiness helps health, productivity and being a good citizen
  • Components of well being
  • Using phones doesn’t make us feel worse, it just removes opportunities for potential happiness.
  • Parenthood and well being
  • Affects of do not disturb on people who have ADHD
  • Income and its affect on happiness/well being
  • Progressive taxation and its effect on the general population’s well being (In the States)
  • Living a Psychologically rich life and what that means


Kostadin's papers

ADHD and Smartphones

Stop Checking Email So Often

Smartphones and Well-being


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Happiness and Society with Kostadin Kushlev

Can money buy happiness? What affects do smartphones have on our subjective well being? Find out in this episode.